Hanging Lakes in Glenwood

A must see when on a Colorado vacation is at the end of a hike to Hanging Lakes above the Colorado River.  Here is some information from wikipedia…

Early tales of the discovery of the lake tells of a man searching for gold in the canyon. The man found a dead horse at the opening of a gulch (the possible origin of Dead Horse Gulch). When he followed the gulch up through the steep hillside through the canyon he came around the backside of the lake. This is how he first saw the small bowl-like basin hanging onto the cliffs below.

In the years following the area served as a homestead, and a private family retreat until it was purchased by Glenwood Springs after the Taylor Bill was passed by Congress in 1910.

Following the purchase it began its long history as a public tourist stop, and later during the 1940s hosted a resort and cafe until the construction of Interstate-70 began in 1968.

In 1972 the trail and the lake were returned to the protection of the Forest Service as part of the White River National Forest, and has been an increasingly popular tourist destination since.

Hanging Lake Information