Glenwood Springs, CO lodging guide

Lodging in Glenwood Springs is made up of a vast array of options suitable for every Colorado vacation experience. Campsites, RV Parks, cabin rentals, Bed and Breakfasts, home rental, motels and hotels offer Glenwood Springs visitors comfort at every price and value point. Some questions to ask yourself when booking your next Glenwood Springs visit.

1. How many will be in our group? What are the ages? Can they accommodate us comfortably?

Nothing makes a get away more enjoyable then everyone having enough space. While your budget may not be able to afford privacy for everyone, a few local hotels do offer multi bed and multi room suites. Be sure to be clear as the the number of people in your room as many hotel and motel have a maximum of four people per room.

2. Looking to enjoy peace and quiet or does your group prefer a noisier environment?

The narrow nature of the canyon that surrounds interstate 70, the train tracks, the Colorado river and the downtown Glenwood area is a unique and beautiful place. This setting allows visitors seeking to explore most of the attractions on foot to do so with ease. What 1st time visitors don’t know is that it can also mean that the noise, particularly from I-70 and Train traffic, which can be disruptive if your staying too near these. A majority of the hotels and motels in Glenwood Springs are within 1 block of the source. Be sure to ask before your book. Also be curious about the construction of the hotel. Hotels and motels constructed of wood means noise from the family staying above you. Many of these exist in Glenwood!

3. How important is your comfort?

In addition to noisy construction that many of the newer hotels suffer from, we have historic hotels with no air conditioning! Don’t assume you adjust your thermostat or have access to a fridge. Be sure to ask!